Stereo Master Buss Attenuator

Transformer balanced, 40db and 50db pad with selectable rotory switches that can be wired with XLR In/Out or TRS In/Out or both. We can use Neve, API or Jensen transformers and can wire 2 or 3 sets of different transformers that you may switch in to change the sound of the stereo attenuator.

The concept behind this piece of gear is to come out of your master buss or converters and pad down the output and use your mic pres as your make-up gain. Then you have the freedom to change out the set of mic pres you want to use on your mix.

Many of you have invested in high quality/vintage mic preamps/EQs which usually sit in the rack during mix time. Now you will have the ability to listen to your mic pre/EQs as you switch them in across your master buss.