Class A Tube Mic/Line Amp

The Psidex Audio Laboratory PGP- 1A is a vacuum tube based microphone pre-amp and program line amplifier designed to provide solid, robust audio from any low impedance microphone ranging from low output ribbon to high output condenser. A 30 dB input attenuator is provided to allow using the unit as a bridging line amplifier, general purpose gain block or mixing amplifier.


• Gain switch sets gain for 30, 40, 50 and 60 dB gain.

• Output level control allows setting output from zero to +6 dB above switch setting.

• A 30 dB input pad permits use with high level inputs and increases input Z.

• Output phase reversal switch.

• Output termination switch.

• Standard XLR 3 pin input- output connectors.

• Additional front mounted ¼” input jack for extra versatility.

• VU meter switch for +4 dB, +10 dB calibration or off.

• Mic phantom power switch interlocked with input pad switch.

• Very large input and output transformers for clean low end.

• Regulated HV and LV power supplies.

• High quality polypropylene capacitors.

• Mil spec Teflon wiring.

• Tubes (2) recessed, replaceable from rear.