OWA Modified M8

Class A Tube Mic/Line Amp

The beauty of the M-8 is in its simplicity. These are high powered, Class A, single ended, point-to-point, with a triode and pentode, and a real rectifier tube, anchored by a huuuuge output xformer. As you know, they simply don't make anything like this nowadays, and this is that "mojo" a lot of people are really looking for (whether they realize it or not) to give their sound that true vintage color, dimension and presence (Bonham drums, Motown, etc)--just turn the knob. These pieces have been floating around ebay and craigslist for a few years now and people have been racking them up as mic pres and DIs.

We, however, took this a huge step further by adding a high quality Jensen mic input xformer and completely modifying the audio path to create a high powered, high quality, fat tube amp with huge, dark bottom end and a silky, airy top. There isn't a Redd 47/V72 on the planet that is as fat in the bottom end or as 3D and silky in the mids & top end. Essentially, we replaced what was necessary to bring these up to professional modern recording standards while keeping everything that make them unique and special in the first place. We recommend putting these on your master buss and running mixes through them, or as make-up for summing. Run your drums, synths, guitars and vocals through them and really bring those tracks to life with a warm, thick presence. It is also the perfect companion for a high quality tube microphone.